• 1 June 2022




CanPoland SA with GMP certificate

The trust that CanPoland SA customers have placed in the brand for a long time has also been confirmed by the Office of the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector. A company with an established position in the cannabis industry, as evidenced by, among others its dynamic development, received the Good Manufacturing Practice certificate. It confirms the highest production standards.

cerfyfikat GMP

The GMP certificate granted to CanPoland SA covers the scope of the secondary packaging service. This means that the manufacturer can repack sterile, non-sterile products and also certify the batches in this regard – after undergoing this process, the product may be sold on the Polish or foreign market. In addition, the GMP certificate also includes the procedure for repacking controlled substances (narcotic and psychotropic substances). This means that the service of repackaging for parallel import of medicinal products, performed by CanPoland SA, meets the highest quality standards.

What is a GMP certificate?

Producers wishing to provide their customers with the highest standard of service and quality of delivered products may apply for confirmation of the effectiveness of their practices in the form of a Good Manufacturing Practice certificate. Granting it before the appropriate office is to ensure that the goods offered by the company are not only of the highest quality and are safe to use, but also their production is distinguished by impeccable conditions and consistency.

The Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate is issued in Poland by the office of the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector. According to the information presented on the official website of the authority, this is a certificate which is to confirm the compliance of the manufacturing conditions with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice. The document is granted at the request of the manufacturer or importer of medicinal products, investigational medicinal products, or the manufacturer of active substances. To obtain a certificate, it is predisposed to carry out an inspection, which must be completed with a positive result. The document may cover either a single stage of the production process or its entirety. The GMP certificate is granted for three years, after which – after another inspection – its validity may be extended.

Obtaining the GMP certificate confirms that the manufacturer meets the highest standards of pharmaceutical production.

Producers with a Good Manufacturing Practice certificate appear in the EU EudraGMDP database.

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