• 5 May 2021

Development Plans of CanPoland SA

Development Plans of CanPoland SA

Development Plans of CanPoland SA 150 150 CanPoland SA

Łódź, May 4th, 2021

CanPoland SA’s plans concerning domestic and foreign expansion

The management board of the CanPoland SA company, a leading Polish pharmaceutical company operating on the medical marijuana market, announced the company’s plans for its development: both its geographic and operational. The plans have already been accepted by the company’s supervisory board and are being implemented.

CanPoland SA, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, sped up its work on the company’s development. Let us remind you that in January this year CanPoland raised PLN 4.4 million from 576 social investors in just 11 minutes and on the same day it has also broken the 40-minute national record.

    • CanPoland is to create a network of medical clinics specialising in cannabinoid therapy. The first clinic will be opened in Warsaw. The clinic chain will be managed by a separate SPV.

    • The CanPoland capital group is also setting up a subsidiary that will take care of laboratory testing of marijuana-derived materials and products and of launching cannabis cultivation for medical marijuana production, as soon as Polish legislation allows it.

    • CanPoland enters the Lithuanian market by establishing its subsidiary there. Formal and legal work is currently underway.

    • CanPoland is also preparing to set up a controlled company in one of the Scandinavian countries.

At the same time, in order to maintain the current dynamics of development, CanPoland SA analyses the possibilities of attracting additional investors. As previously announced, the company is preparing to enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2022.

“We are implementing all the previously announced plans simultaneously. We are currently concluding appropriate contracts and settling formal and legal issues, so we cannot provide operational details, but I admit that they are already at the advanced stage. Soon we will inform the market about the details”, said Zbigniew Pisarski, co-founder and chairman of the supervisory board of CanPoland SA.

About CanPoland SA

CanPoland SA is the first Polish-owned pharmaceutical company to trade internationally in medical marijuana. It’s also the first in Poland to build a production plant that is allowed to manufacture medical marijuana. The company is also active on the pharmaceutical repackaging services market and acts as the wholesaler of pharmaceuticals. In 2020, the company managed to acquire TT Pharma Sp. z o.o. (owned by the pharmaceutical giant Pelion SA) as its investor, now owning a 30 percent share in CanPoland SA. In order to implement the strategy of a vertical business organization (from cultivation to sale), together with the Canadian investor ICC (also active in the cannabis industry), CanPoland set up the The Health Company Poland. Its main area of activity is the production and distribution of raw materials, semi-finished products and a wide variety of final products from the “life science” range, based on active marijuana substances. The company’s offer is aimed at both the B2B market and the consumer market. The Health Company Poland works along the entire supply chain, from research and development plants and laboratories, through cultivation and modern technological and processing solutions, to direct sale of the highest quality cannabis products for business and the end consumer. The Health Company’s offer is available on the https://hempcloud.pl platform.

Contact for press:

Anna Posmyk, Investors’ Relations Manager: a.posmyk@canpoland.com

Contact for investors:

Maciej Kociołek, M&A and Strategy Director: m.kociolek@canpoland.com

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